Timber Fencing

Griffo Timber Fencing Contractor.

We specialize  in building new and replacing wooden fences as well as small sleeper retaining walls.

We are happy to offer free quotes and professional advice on all your new fencing and low sleeper retaining walls.

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Fencing and Repairs. Brisbane Southside Eastern Suburbs Redland Bay and Logan.

Griffo’s Timber contractors for quality picket fences, Post and Rail,Paling fences. Chain Wire and Colorbond Fencs.

We also repair all types of fences.

We use both treated and untreated timbers on our fences.

Steel Posts or wood posts.

Normally for a 1800 mm high fence we would use 100 x 75 mm hardwood posts.

Three Rails 75 x 38 treated pine and 16mil treated pine palings.

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Repairs and timber Fencing Contractors. Call for Quotes.

These can easily be changed for any combination other of pine or hardwood palings, rails and posts that you prefer.

I do however recomend the Hardwood posts as they wil last longer in the ground.

Steel Posts are also an option worth considering especially in areas with a termite problem.

Griffo’s Timber Contractors are happy to meet you on site to measure and quote your new fence.

Timber Chainwire in fact we can build any type of fence or retaining walls you want Pine or hardwood, paling or picket you name it.

  • Timber Fences.
  • Low Sleeper Retaining Walls Pine and Hardwood.
  • Pickets.
  • Palings, CCA Treated Pine and Hardwood..

Griffo’s also build sleeper retaining walls as well.


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