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Call Griffos for all of your pool inspection needs. We know the pool inspections regulations and are able to ensure that your fences are compliant with the pools safety fence regulations.

Pools Inspections. Pools Safety Certificate.
Griffos Fencing Inspections. Safety Certificate.

Pool Inspections.

Brisbane Caboolture Redcliffe, REdland Bay, Logan, Ipswich, Sunshine coast and Gold Coast.

Griffo’s are constantly in engaged in conducting pool inspections all across Brisbane Logan Redland Bay and Ipswich.

Glen Griffin has been doing pool inspections since the start and is one of the original pool inspectors working in the Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coast areas.

Glen always looks and finds the easiest and cheapest way to make your fencing conform to the new pool inspection regulations.

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Pool Inspections.

Pool Inspections and maintenance of fencing is the only way to reduce large the number of

Griffin Pool Inspections. Pools Safety Certificates.
Pool Inspections by Griffin Pool Inspectors.

small children drowning in swimming pools. All pools owners must maintain their fences, meet all of the fencing regulations and repair damaged fences and barriers immediately.

The pool inspections and fencing regulations don’t only include your fences.

Find more information about:

  • barriers
  • owner responsibilities
  • existing swimming pools – and law changes
  • pool safety certificates
  • The legislation – building approval
  • exemptions.
  • All swimming pools enclosures must be approved barriers that meet with the state governments safety fencing legislation see Building Act 1975. Barrier may include:
  •  Barriers.
  • The fencing of the pools.

    Griffin Pools Inspections. Pools Safety Certificates.
    Pools Inspections save young lives. Pools Inspectors.
  • The walls of buildings enclosing pools.
  • Other types of barriers mentioned in Queensland’s safety standard. It’s Your responsibility.
  • People renting also have some responsibilities, these include.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the property owner with  pools to ensure pools have compliant safety barriers are in place and maintained at all times.
  • Approved Fences and barriers are only a small part of your responsibilities for a swimming pools ownership.
  • keeping the gate closed at all times.
  • ensuring that there are no climbable objects that would allow a child to access pools unattended. When selling or leasing your properties, you need to obtain a pool safety certificate.The new standards came into effect on 1 December 2010.
Pools Safety Certificates. Pools Inspector. Pools Inspection.
Pools Inspection. Pools Safety Certificates. Pools Inspector.

All Pools owners only have until 30 November, 2015 for their fences to be compliant with the new safety laws, or even earlier if they are selling or leasing their properties before that time.

Where shared pools are associated with, for example a unit block, and there is a sale or lease of an apartment on or before the 1st September 2012, the body corporates must have their pools safety certificates on or before the 30th November 2012.

Pool safety certificates, issued by licensed pool inspectors, are required weather selling, buying or leasing properties with swimming enclosures.

A pool safety certificate is valid for one year in the case of shared pools or two years for non shared pools.

Qualified Pools inspector does pools inspection and issuse a poosl safety certificate.
Pool Inspection by qualified pool inspector. Pool Safety Certificate.

If properties with pools are leased, the landlords or body corporates are required to obtain pool safety certificates from licensed pool inspectors before leases are signed.

This certificate is valid for two years or for one year if the pools are shared pools. An example of shared pools would be communal pools in a unit complexes.

If there are no pool safety certificates in effect before you enterer into a contract or before settlement, the person selling must supply an advisory notice to the purchaser using a Notice of no pool safety certificate. Enforcement As of 1 July 2015, the value of penalty units

was equal to $117.80.

  • Fines can range anywhere from 1 penalty unit to 7 penalty units. The maximum penalties for
    Pools Inspection. Pools safety Certificate. Pools Inspector.
    Licensed pool inspector issuing Pool Safety Certificate.

    non compliant fencing is 165 penalty units.

  • The Queensland Governments legislation allow Councils to issue on the spot fines for fencing which is not complying.
  • To help owners find pool inspectors, the Queensland government has register of pool inspectors. All pool inspectors hold a license showing that they are properly trained to carry out pool inspections. Councils can provide a pool inspector, however because of the cost involved it could be in your own best interest to look for the advice of a licensed private pool inspector for your
  • pool inspections.
  • Purchasing properties with Pools
  • Leasing properties
  • Pool safety certificates.
  • Another part of the safety law states that, motels, resorts, hotels and other business providing short term housing that have a shared pools are to comply with the new standards by 1 June 2011.
  • Key changes in the law.
  • From 4 November 2011, all property owners were required by law to register their swimming pools on the safety register.
Pools Inspector issuing pools safety Certificate after pools inspection.
Pool Safety Certificate Pool Inspector. pool inspection.

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We also do consultancy work so if you just want to be sure that your fences comply and don’t want a certificate. You can give us a call for that as well.