Fence Repairs

Griffo’s Fence Repairs.

Repair to your existing fences instead of replacing it can make a lot of sense from a financial point of view.

While some fences may be to far gone to be repaired in many cases it can be a very cost effective exercise.

fence repairs and gate replacment.
Gates Replaced and fence repairs. Steel Pine and Hardwood Posts.

Griffo’s can repair or replace posts both steel and timber hardwood or pine.

Replacing pine and hard wood timber rails.  Replacing  pickets or palings is the easiest job we get asked to do.  Replacement of steel sheets on colorbond fences is also something we do.

We can even repair or replace entire fencing panels or a section of fencing for you.

Pedestrian Gates and Gates for vehicles built and repaired.

We will even build or make repairs to your sleeper Retaining Walls.

Griffo’s Can repair and restore many different types of fencing. Timber, colorbond fences, Paling and picket fences, Repairs or replace posts Rails palings and pickets.

We can even straighten them when they start leaning, wind and soft water logged ground can cause them to lean over time.

Griffos Fencing Replace posts and Palings anywhere in Brisbane..
Griffos Fencing Repair. Replace those rotting Posts.

This entails digging around the posts to allow the fences to be pushed back to its original position and supported while fresh concrete is pored and allowed to set.

With time and weather timber fence posts may rot in the ground and require replacement. New Posts.

These posts can be staked for support and a cheap fix, or we can completely replace the post at a little extra cost.

Call us for a price on your new fencing or fence repairs we work anywhere in Brisbane and Ipswich.

Timber fences, Pine and hardwood treated or untreated.

Sleeper Retaining Walls from treated hardwood or pine.

Fence repairs Gate Replacement.
Hardwood CCA Treated Pine and Steel Posts.

All Timber Repair work, Posts Rails and Palings.

Colorbond Repair.



Timber Fencing Repairs. Colorbond Fence.

Griffo’s for Fence Repairs and New Fences.