Boundary Fences

Boundary or Dividing Fences.

When you’re replacing or repairing a dividing fence, it is most important to be sure both you and your neighbours  are ok with all the details. Here’s are a couple of you can do to ensure things go correctly when looing to agree on a new shared fence.

The Fencing Laws on shared fences can be different from state to state, so check with your local councils for specific details on fencing laws. Normally, owners of  adjoining homes or properties would be expected to share the costs in repairing or replacing a shared fence.

When one of the property owners prefer a fence of a higher price or quality than realy  necessary, they should be prepared to pay for the extra costs.

Different rules and regulations could apply for homes that adjoin public land and farms.  The first  thing to do when looking to replace or repair a boundary fence is to speak to the neighbours in a friendly manner. Discuss with them the type of fences you want and how you would like to split the costs. They might even have a few good ideas that you had not considered.

Some things you may discuss. Type of Fence.

Do you both want a fence with a lot of privacy or something open. An open style of fence like wrought iron might help with a friendly relationship with neighbours.

Will the new fences you would like match others in the neighbourhood.

Do you or the neighbours have pets to consider. This may influence the type and size your fence.

When you have agreed on the size and style of fence get a Quote that matches the requirements you have discussed. Be sure you go over all the details in the quote with your neighbour before contractors are asked to quote. This way you are sure to be both satisfied.

Disputes.  If you and your neighbour cant agree on the type or cost sharing of your new fences then you might have to look someone for legal advice to resolve the problems. However this action as it may affect your relationship with your neighbours.